Frequently asked questions

Get answers to your burning questions about the property management process. 


What Services Do You Provide?

At Phaze 10, we provide comprehensive investment property services to ensure your success as a real estate investor. These services include top-tier property management, property listing and acquisition services, as well as properly remodeling and construction services. 

What Sets Phaze 10 apart?

Phaze 10 stands out in the industry for our capabilities to take care of all your investment property needs. Our commitment to service is second to none, and our expert team strives to provide you with guidance that will ensure you succeed in the investment property space. 

What Types of Properties Do You Work With?

Phaze 10 is proud to work with a variety of different properties. We work with owners of single family homes, multi-family homes, condo complexes, apartment and retirement communities, HOAs, vacation and rental homes, commercial properties, and more. 

What Is your Experience in the Industry?

Our team has decades of combined experience within the property management, real estate, and construction industries, providing us with unique insights into the whole investment realty journey from start to finish. 

Ready To Get Started on Your Property Investment Journey? Reach Out Today

At Phaze 10, we strive to make the lives of investment property owners easier by way of professional property management. We are excited to see the difference that Phaze 10 can make in your investment property experience. Contact us today to get started.